Hidrocor Ocre (12 months wear)

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Hazel Vibes

The perfect light hazel eyes you’ve been looking for. This lens is a true hazel with a grey undertone that looks beautiful during the day and super sultry at night - no wonder its in our top 4 best selling lens.

Color Category Hazel
Brightness  7
Limbal Ring  No Limbal Ring
Usage  12 months

Lens description

 62% Polymacon
Diameter  14.2mm
Base Curve  8.7

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

very natural and for me it looked as a light brown shade... perfect for something subtle but still stunning


It is such great product.
I ordered Ocre color with prescription.
Good thing is because you can use this Solotoca colored contacts lenses for a year!
Ocre is a little to bright if I have too much make up like smokey eyes and fake eyelashes ( like i love to have every day ) but look so natural if I am without make up.
Soon I will order some new color like Quartzo....and cant wait it.
And you shipping is soooo fast!!!!
For my country (Bosnia and Herzegovina) I usually wait products for at least 2 weeks or more weeks from another manifactures when I buy somethings.
And that was so surprise for me....very positive surpise!
Before few months I ordered colored contact lenses from another manifactures and they were horrible - fake and very uncomfortable for me.
Because I use clear contacts lenses for 12 years now.
This site is perfect and very proffessional!!!
Thank you so much.

Go hazel

Loving my solotica hidrocor ocre lenses. My go to brand in lenses ,feels like I’m wearing nothing & gives off a quite natural look


I saw these contacts on someone and they looked awesome. She was an Indian girl and I’m mixed so I thought they would look similar. For some reason they really look ghostly on me, I tried with no makeup, minimal makeup and dark makeup and they really just looked fake/ or too light for me.
If you are mixed/ lightskinned or Black I would recommend a darker/ more warm colour.
Other than the colour the contact itself it natural looking and hard to detect which is great


At first i didn’t like the color, it was wayyy to light on me and then i got use to it and then i fell IN LOVE! They’re my go to whenever I’m going out or have something to get ready for.


Lens Wear Guide
Each pair of lenses come in kits with 2 lenses and a complimentary lens case.
See below for the wear of different product ranges.

Product Range Wear
Solotica Hidrocor
Solotica Natural Colors
Solotica Hidrocharme

 12 months from opening

Solotica Hidrocor Monthly
Solotica SOLFLEX Natural Colors


1 month from opening